Jeanne Craft is the Chief Innovation Officer for CITRS. Jeanne has over twenty five years of experience in character education development, psychological services and training for students, athletes and management teams. Her work has focused on cognitive behavioral and social-emotional skills development, specifically self-perceptions of competence, self-esteem and other performance-related abilities.

As a Strengths Performance and Sport Psychologist, she specializes in innovative strengths science and leadership programs and performance enhancement training in education, athletics, business and related fields as key to achieving positive outcomes and growth. Since 2012, Jeanne has been the strengths performance coach for Princeton University’s women’s squash team. Client relationships are a priority, providing high quality, pro-active and dedicated support to address key needs with creative solutions. Jeanne’s work also includes creating interactive teaching curriculum and leading orientations and training for teachers, board members, program staff, parents, and community members.

Jeanne received her B.S. in Administration at Villanova University and a Masters in Counseling Psychology and Human Relations. She is certified as a Strengths Performance Consultant from the Gallup University’s Integrated Management System Program and a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Psychology and hypnotherapist.