DR.Robert Fisicaro

Prior to joining the Mantua Township School District as Superintendent in August of 2014, I served as the Lead Implementation Manager for the Office of Evaluation at the New Jersey Department of Education. My responsibilities included supporting school districts across our state for the purpose of helping to guide many of the challenges associated with implementing recent state and federal initiatives. I found my work with the Department of Education to be both exciting and fulfilling as I was fortunate enough to work alongside so many committed and talented groups of educators and New Jersey Department of Education leaders. Prior to this, I served as a principal and an assistant principal in the Logan Township School District and as a math teacher at Rosa International Middle School in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where I was able to gain valuable experiences while working in excellent school communities. My aim is to ensure that students are provided with the best educational experiences possible, and that teachers and staff are able to enjoy a positive work environment where we will collectively serve and contribute to both the lives of our students and the needs of our school community. I sincerely enjoy learning, growing, and building together and continue to be both thankful and grateful for the Mantua Township School Community.